What if you didn't have to feel alone in your journey. Whether struggling to sort through life's ups and downs or fighting to build a startup...it can feel lonely. That's what Upward is all about. It's about finding a partner who believes that you have all you need within you...to create a thriving business and a life that you love. I'll walk beside you to brainstorm new ideas, to push through the tough stuff and to celebrate the wins along the way. 



1 - Day or 12 - Week Programs To Help You Create A Life That You Love

Who Is Upward For? Anyone looking to raise their own standards. If you've been trying to climb that mountain on your own (literally or figuratively) and just can't seem to get there, let's talk!


Clarify Your Vision

Claim The Life You Truly Desire

Connect To Your Purpose

Eliminate Toxicity

Live A Life Of Authenticity

Define Your Ideal Relationships


Strategic Planning

Clearly Define Objectives

Tangible Action Items

Metrics For Measuring Progress 

Optimize Your Effectiveness

Plan For Roadblocks

Choose The Path That Fits Your Needs!


Ongoing Support

Creative Problem Solving


Innovative Ideas

Objective Feedback



Jumpstart Your Business In Just One Day!

Clarify Your Vision

(idea overwhelm and analysis paralysis are real, let's get clear)

Connect With Your Purpose

(it's what keeps you going when s*@t gets hard!)

Eliminate Distractions

("is that even possible?" - YES!)

Create A Laser Focused Action Plan For Taking Your Life To The Next Level!

(walk away with a true step by step guide on what actions will help you accelerate your specific business in the days, weeks and months to come)

This is a 1/2 day 1 on 1 Strategic Planning Session with yours truly. If you've been looking to tame the chaos in your brain and gain clarity around next steps...we'll make it happen!


"Jennifer is very gifted in asking the right questions to get you thinking the right thoughts about yourself, your life, your career! Even us "coaches" need to be coached! She has helped me in my life's journey and I am sure she will help you reach your desired goals and help you stay sane in the process. You will love her!"

Timmy Gibson
Lead Pastor @ Mercy Church KC / Dating & Relationship Coach

12 Week Small Business Mastermind Group

$1,299  $899 early registration discount through June 10th!


12 Weekly Training Sessions To Jumpstart Your Small Business

Professionally Matched Accountability Partners

Be part of an elite group of small business owners who choose to prioritize their growth and invest in themselves and their business.


Clarify Your Vision / Connect To Your Purpose

Who Are You - Who's On Your Team - Who Do You Need? (from your admin to your accountant, the team matters)

Attracting The Clients You LOVE Working With

How To Stand Out From The Crowd

Give Them What They Want & Keep Them Coming Back For More

Master The Art Of Closing

Metrics Matter - Learn What You Should Be Tracking To Know When You Should Pivot

Make Magic Part Of Your Daily Routine

Optimizing Systems & Workflows To Increase ROI

Stop Networking & Start Building Relationships

Creating Your Rockstar Action Plan

1-on-1 Wrap Up Strategy Session

Our Mastermind Group meets once a week on Tuesday's from 4-5:30 pm (MT-Denver) via Zoom. Each participant is expected to coordinate with your accountability partner for a separate 1 hour time later in the week to share feedback and encourage each other. 


"Working with Jennifer has been such a blessing. She gently [but honestly] asks the right questions and nudges you in the right direction. She makes you really stop to think about where you are and where you want to be [and what you need to do to get there]. She helped me work through all of the sludge, noise, and distractions, that were holding me back from actually taking action, and I will be forever grateful. Give her a shout and to see what she can do for you and your goals. You will not be disappointed!"

Allison Domingues
Owner/Creative Director @ Jason Domingues Photography

My Story

"I was ready for a shift, a change in focus, career and life. I went to the mountain to simply get away from the mundane, to enjoy a day away from technology and to do lists. Yet somewhere between the steep climbs and majestic views I began to find myself, my authentic self. I spent the next three months hiking every day...and it changed me. Upward is a program designed to do the same, for you."

Not ready to jump but want to stay in touch?

Ever get that perfect message in your inbox...just at the right time? Don't worry, I won't inundate you with emails (neither one of us has time for that!).

But I'd love to share a little of what I've learned about how to lead with your heart and have fun...all while building your business and living the life that you love!

Yes, Stay In Touch!

A few good tips and some extra inspiration along the way...


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