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You Are What You Love

As my husband and I approach an inevitable duration of time apart due to work/travel schedules our anxiety tends to grow. Time apart for us in the past has caused loneliness, depression and anxiety at times even. Difficulties in managing expectations, communication, sexual needs and money...all of the emotions feel amplified when we aren't together to work through them. Our intentions are good. We love each other like crazy. We both are committed to our work and know that we are where we need to be in our careers. So how do we maintain both? For those not facing time do you stay happy and focus on the love in your relationship through times of difficulty?

Focus on your own emotions first. Nobody else can fix them for you. If you own your own calm, your own strength, your own sense of purpose...working through the technicalities of how you honor each others needs will follow. The video clip below is from the movie "Adaptation" with Nicolas Cage. It's a great reminder that the quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our emotions.

(For those who are faced with extended time apart check out this article on Great ideas to keep the love light burning!)

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