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One Of The Worst Things You Can Say To An Entrepreneur...

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

"Why don't you just get a real job?"....WTH?

Ok so here's the deal. I'm a big fan of Marie Forleo. I get her videos in my inbox and they stack up for awhile till I have a chance to watch them. It's ironic though that when I do, it seems like the timing of what she says is always exactly what I need to hear in the moment.

Today was a day when a very difficult situation happened where I was being challenged on my decision to become a full time coach. The words of a mentor (from many many years ago...I doubt he would even remember the conversation) rang in my ears once again..."Why don't you get a REAL job?"


There was an immediate response of total deflation as I absorbed his lack of belief in my chosen career and then by my normal nature I bounced back to a prompt..."screw you" (ok so it's not exactly what I said in my head but I'm trying to keep this professional).

What I realized after further discussion was simply a fear on the other persons part. Fear for how my decision would impact them and resentment for me being able to push forward with my dream at a time when they can't. Once I processed that and let go of the hurt and anger we were able to talk and come back to a loving supportive place but it made me think when I watched this video. How often does your dream feel threatened by others thinking your priorities aren't right? By others thinking you are putting too much effort into your business and you need to "slow down"? Or by others telling you that what you are wanting to build isn't even a feasible business?

Don't listen. This is your passion. Your baby. Feed it. Nurture it. Watch it grow. You will be the one who gets to celebrate in the end and your loved ones (if they can see past their own fears and circumstances) will be there to celebrate with you in the end.

Happy viewing!

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