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Work Harder, Work Smarter...or Just Change The Rules

I recently heard someone comment that they believe that in order to be successful you have to work your fingers to the bone for years and years and then'll find success. This really got me to thinking. How often do we have this rule for ourselves? How often do we subconsciously MAKE things harder because we believe that if it's easy it won't lead to success? Or how often do we focus on the tough parts of our job rather than focusing on what we enjoy...and by doing so it feels like "hard work" even though it really isn't?

What if...instead of working harder...or even "smarter"...what if you simply change your rules?

What if by choosing a career that you love and focusing daily on your gratitude, work suddenly isn't's enjoyable? What if we define success as being able to do something every day that you enjoy? What if instead of having a rule that says "work has to be hard to be successful" your rule says "my work has to have an impact on others lives" in order to be successful? See how that changes your focus? Your direction? Your happiness?

Think about what subconscious rules you may have about work that keep you from feeling successful, fulfilled and happy. Now think about how you can re-write your own rulebook!

(this blog post was carried over from my previous blog at, originally posted on 4/25/17)

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