• Jenn Gillihan

Taking Care Of Your Inner Child

"You can let your little girl out whenever you want. I'll always take care of her." Be still my beating heart. Another one of the many moments I fell head over heals in love with my husband

Each of us have one, an inner child, whether we identify with them or not. I discovered mine, her name is Jenny by the way, several years ago during a coaching session that truly changed my life. Now keep in mind, I'm not talking about split personalities or anything like that, I'm simply talking about looking at the different aspects of how you operate on a daily basis and identifying that part of yourself that is childlike. The part of you who often comes out when your hurt, when you feel weak, when you are scared...or on the flip side...when you are delightfully playful, joyous and carefree.

Think about the emotions you may witness in small children on a playground. Laughter and bravery as they step onto a rope bridge for the first time or run delightedly with other children. Then tears and searching for comfort as they've fallen and skinned a knee. Each of us have this inner child, whether we are nine or ninety...who still needs to be play, to be protected, to be comforted...the question is...do you take care of yours the way you should?

What comforts your inner child? What is your "kiss it to make it better" thing? Is it a warm bath, a long hug, a kiss on the forehead, a good book, a long nap?

When do they feel most protected by you, your partner, your friends? What inspires them to get up again? What makes them feel brave? Are you doing things daily that make you feel brave? Are you challenging yourself to do things that remind you of your own ability to grow? To overcome?

What things do you do regularly to bring joy into your life? Laughter? Connection? Play? I'm not talking dinner and a movie. I'm talking a slip-n-slide in the backyard. I'm talking let's dress up in 70's costumes and go to a funk concert. I'm talking snow angels and sledding.

Take a few moments today and write down those things that you can do to nurture your inner child. Then start with just one...one thing daily to remind them yourself that you are protected and loved. You will be rewarded with smiles you haven't had in years and a contentment that feels like the snuggle of a small child. And we all know, there's nothing better than snuggles.

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