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Figuring Out The Funk

There comes a time for many of us that we start questioning what it is that we are looking for. "I have a great job, a great all definitions I should be happy." Yet, we just somehow feel empty inside. There's a funk hanging over our heads that we just can't shake.

I experienced this about 5 years ago which was my original reason for hiring a coach. When she asked what I wanted out of coaching..."I either need to find the passion for what I'm doing again or figure out what to do next." Five years later having sold a business I'd owned for 20 years, ending a career for a multi-million dollar company, moving half way across the US and marrying the RIGHT partner this time...I can finally say "I love my life". That's a powerful thing to be able to say and mean it!

One of my first steps in figuring out the funk was deciphering what my true needs were. What were the needs of my heart that weren't being met? What needs were being taken care of? Was I meeting those needs in a good way or a destructive way? Confused?

Think of it this way...if your greatest human need is for love and the only "person" that makes you feel loved on a regular basis is your dog...we have a problem. (Don't get me wrong, I love my dog, he has seen me through a few tearful moments in my life, but he's not the one that can make me feel fulfilled.)

To see what your strongest needs are take this survey. As my gift to you, I'll immediately share information about what our human needs are and how we often meet those needs. Once I've had a chance to look over your survey, I'll share your individual results with you and if you'd like, take the time to discuss how making even just a few small changes can help you get out of your funk!

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